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You Do You

Let people know in their bones they are in the right place.


Good Vibes

Websites have energy. We feel it. We react to it. Read more or click away.

Your website is sending out energetic signals to every person who visits it. Is it giving off the vibe you want, one that welcomes people who resonate with your work?

This can be hard to do with a cookie cutter website or one with the personality of cardboard. It causes dissidence and the people who might love your work to click away.


Why SquareSpace?

SquareSpace is a busy creatives dream platform. I’ve been creating and maintaining websites for 10+ years.

SquareSpace has taken the time consuming slog out of having an amazing website.

Web design that doesn't cost you your soul..png

or any other body parts…

Artists & Creatives aren’t always great at selling and marketing their work. Selling gets a bad rap. I don’t believe it has to or should be that way.

There is nothing wrong with telling people how amazing your work is or making it super easy for them to pay you for it.

Earning a living from doing what you love, isn’t the same as selling out.

There is shit ton of marketing blah blah going around. The good news is, you can choose not to listen to it.

You have your own voice. Use it.

I want every artist/creator/maker/whatever to have a successful business. Part of doing that is having a website that gives off the right vibes.

You want a website that shows of your work and reflects you as an artist. It helps potential collectors and fans know they are in the right place.

Don’t let your website be the icky used car salesman.


 Rebrand update SquareSpace website for artists and creatives.


One page portfolio to show off your best work.


Already have a SquareSpace site, but aren’t grokking it?

 Custom SquareSpace website design for artists and creatives.


Shiny new websites for artists and creators . 100% curse free.

Not sure if we’re a match?

No worries. You can schedule a FREE consultation with me. It’ll save us the trouble of having to fire each other later.