Website design for artists and creatives that doesn't cost your soul.

For the first time, in maybe ever, I’m planning for the future. This is hard to do when you are focused on getting through the day/week/month. There is no space for the future when you are in that place.

In the future, I may not have a house. I may not have a space to paint. I know that sounds sad, but it is an opportunity to expand and try new things. It’s one of the reasons I decided to learn how to create digital art.

It is also a small part of why I’ve decided to start offering website design to artists and creatives. I’ve been working with creatives for years, using my intuitive abilities to help them with creative blocks and plan their own futures.

Us artists aren’t always great at selling and marketing our work. Selling gets a bad rap. I don’t believe it has to or should be that way. There is nothing wrong with telling people how amazing your work is or making it super easy for them to pay you for it.

When I first had the idea of designing websites for artists and creatives, I resisted the hell out of it. It felt like a cop out, like giving up on my own art. When really, it’s getting back to my biz roots.

I have always been great at using my skills to help other artists and creatives.

As an artist, it is tempting to create your own website. Everyone says you need one right? You can toss up a few pics of your work and collectors will show up. Or not.

There is shit ton of marketing blah blah going around. I’ve had the good fortune to connect with some amazing business people and learn real useful heartfelt business stuffs.

I want to share what I’ve learned. I want every artist/creator/maker/whatever to have a successful business. However that looks to them. Part of doing that is having a website that gives off the right vibes.

You want a website that shows of your work and reflects you as an artist. It helps potential collectors and fans know they are in the right place.

Don’t let your website be the icky used car salesman.

Delisa Carnegie