Where have the Survival Gear boxes gone?

May was the planned time for opening up orders for the next round of Survival Gear boxes. I've been totally stressed about it. I didn't get enough orders last time to cover the cost. I couldn't send yarn I had on hand because I'd listed a specific yarn to be included in the boxes. Lessons learned people.

I'm really wondering if it is work doing them again. Plus I've been thinking of running a Kickstarter to get some yummy US yarns into the shop. Doing both things is a lot of work for me and my little kitchen. It's got me thinking about where I really want to focus my efforts.

I've been tossing things out there to see what sticks. This really hasn't been working out well.

Kickstarters work, but they are stressful and I don't want to be running them all the time just to get yarn sold. I really like Patreon though. It's much more flexable and regular.

I updated the reward levels on my Patreon so you can get yarn. I'm working out a schedule for yarn. The awesome thing about Patreon is that you can pause your pledge whenever you don't want to get yarn/pattern instead of canceling if you just need a break or you can easily adjust your pledge level.

As more people join the Yarn Coven on Patreon, I'll be able to offer patrons more things.

Yarn shipping shedules can go something like these:

Billed January/Ships February Billed March/Ships April Billed May/Ships June Billed July/Ships August Billed September/ Ships October Billed November/ Ships December

That means you'd get yarn 6 times a year.

Is that too much? I can adjust it.

Something like this:

Billed January/Dyed February/Ships March

Billed April/Dyed May/Ships June

Billed July/Dyed August/Ships September

Billed October/Dyed November/ Ships December

Or something like this:

Billed January/Dyed February/Ship April

Billed May/Dyed June/Ship July

Billed September/Dyed October/ Ship November

What do you think? Are you in?