Sock weight yarn is not my bestie.

I have a confession. I don't care for knitting or crocheting with sock weight yarn. Shocking isn't it. I don't mind dyeing. I drool of skeins in amazing colorways that other dyers create and wish they came is something thicker.

Thicker yarns are my jam. They work up quickly and don't kill my hands.

While I don't mind dyeing sock weight yarns, I can't let them take up all my time. It's important to me that I focus on yarns I love working with.

According to most biz experts, this is a bad biz move. I should focus on what customers love and clearly it's sock weight yarns since there are so many of them out there.

Oh well.

I'm going to start offering a discount of 15% off  for custom dye orders of 3 skeins or more.

I've also set up the shop to give any orders of $75 or more free shipping.

This doesn't mean that I'm totally ditching sock weight yarns. There will still be some in the shop from time to time. You will still be able to place custom dye orders for sock weight yarns.

I'm going to stop stressing myself the fuck out trying to work on patterns for lighter weight yarns or getting sample things made.  From here on out my patterns will be created for worsted, bulky or super bulky yarn.

I feel better just saying that.