Delisa Carnegie
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Muse loves to find us working.



Artist. Writer. Youtuber.  Weird.

When I was a kid, I'd make my dad grade my coloring pages and complain when he gave me too good of a grade.

I love creating. I am haunted by projects & ideas waiting to be created. 

Listening to Muse, our geinus, is something I believe we all can do and is key to creating lives that set our souls on fire.

I've been called weird my entire life. Maybe it's because I'm an Aquarius. I embrace the weird.


So many ways to create, so little time.

I believe everyone is creative. My creative efforts are mostly focused on paintings in acrylic or alcohol inks, but I also love photography & have plans to learn encaustic.

My writing wavers between rants about Patriarchal/New Age Wank & and paranormal fiction.

I can never have enough yarn. EVER. I find knitting & crochet to be a great way to sort out plot holes and other problems. I dabble at designing patterns for hand dyed yarns.

Romance isn't dead. We opened our eyes the abuse.



Abuse is not love.

I'm fed up with abusive behaviour being held up as the perfect love we should all be striving for. Fuck that noise.  Change is long over do. I believe  we can end the use of abusive themes in fiction. I believe Myths & Fairytales can be used to teach lessons in being the sort of women The Patriarchy warns about. I won't be 'good' and won't be silent.


I'm clairsentient & shit.



"Did you see that too?"

— Me everytime I see something weird. (Which is a lot.)

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