Delisa Carnegie
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Muse loves to find us working.



Artist. Writer. Youtuber.  Weird.

When I was a kid, I'd make my dad grade my coloring pages and complain when he gave me too good of a grade.

I love creating. I am haunted by projects & ideas waiting to be created. 

Listening to Muse, our geinus, is something I believe we all can do and is key to creating lives that set our souls on fire.

I've been called weird my entire life. Maybe it's because I'm an Aquarius. I embrace the weird.


So many ways to create, so little time.

I believe everyone is creative. My creative efforts are mostly focused on paintings in acrylic or alcohol inks, but I also love photography & have plans to learn encaustic.

My writing wavers between rants about Patriarchal/New Age Wank & and paranormal fiction.

I can never have enough yarn. EVER. I find knitting & crochet to be a great way to sort out plot holes and other problems. I dabble at designing patterns for hand dyed yarns.


I'm clairsentient & shit.



"Did you see that too?"

— Me everytime I see something weird. (Which is a lot.)

I'm a feminist.



Abuse is not love.

I'm fed up with abusive behaviour being paraded out as the love we should all be striving for. Fuck that noise.  I strive toward having a pen mighty enough to slay that beast of a lie.

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