Delisa Carnegie
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I help people muck out BS.



"Abuse is not love."

The lie that is has been ingrained into us. I use my intuitive and artistic abilities to help people see where they might be holding this lie as truth. 


I'm over abuse being paraded around the New Age/Spiritual Community as enlightenment. 

I'm so fucking done with abusive behaviors being held on high as signs of True Love. 

Are you?

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"Did you see that?"

~Me (about weird shit I see.)



Clairsentient + artist =   F*cking Magic!



I've been able to sense the energy of things and communicate with Spirits since I was a kid. 

This means I'm spot on at reading the energetic fields of people, places and objects. I clear energy blocks and create energy infused art. 

I know when people are full of BS & things are shady AF.

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